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Nr. Part Name Description Manufacturer
1 1214GN-120E GaN Transistors Microsemi
2 1214GN-120EL GaN Transistors Microsemi
3 1214GN-120EP GaN Transistors Microsemi
4 1214GN-180LV GaN Transistors Microsemi
5 1214GN-20V GaN Transistors Microsemi
6 1214GN-280 GaN Transistors Microsemi
7 1214GN-280LV GaN Transistors Microsemi
8 1214GN-400LV Microsemi
9 1214GN-500 GaN Transistors Microsemi
10 1214GN-550V GaN Transistors Microsemi
11 1214GN-600VHE GaN Transistors Microsemi
12 1214GN-750V GaN Transistors Microsemi
13 74AUP1G04GN Low-power inverter NXP Semiconductors
14 74AUP1G14GN Low-power Schmitt trigger inverter NXP Semiconductors
15 74AUP1G34GN Low-power buffer NXP Semiconductors
16 74AUP1G374GN Low-power D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger; 3-state NXP Semiconductors
17 74AUP1G74GN Low-power D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger NXP Semiconductors
18 74AUP1GU04GN Low-power unbuffered inverter NXP Semiconductors
19 74AUP1T34GN Low-power dual supply translating buffer NXP Semiconductors
20 74AUP1Z04GN Low-power X-tal driver with enable and internal transistor NXP Semiconductors
21 74AUP2G04GN Low-power dual inverter NXP Semiconductors
22 74AUP2G0604GN Low-power inverting buffer with open-drain and inverter NXP Semiconductors
23 74AUP2G14GN Low-power dual Schmitt trigger inverter NXP Semiconductors
24 74AUP2G3404GN Low-power buffer and inverter NXP Semiconductors
25 74AUP2G34GN Low-power dual buffer NXP Semiconductors
26 74AUP2GU04GN Low-power dual unbuffered inverter NXP Semiconductors
27 74AUP3G0434GN Low-power dual inverter and single buffer NXP Semiconductors
28 74AUP3G04GN Low-power triple inverter NXP Semiconductors
29 74AUP3G3404GN Low-power dual buffer and single inverter NXP Semiconductors
30 74LVC1G04GN Single inverter NXP Semiconductors

Datasheets found :: 72 Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 |

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